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Travel note: Caledonian Sleeper power sockets

I was researching power sockets on the Caledonian Sleeper before my recent weekend at Ben Nevis.  There is some doubt on the net about how much power you can get out of a Caledonian Sleeper compartment shaver socket.   Here’s what I found out:
  1. The sockets are 110/220V - looks like they’ll fit US and 2 pin euro plugs.

  2. There is one socket per compartment. You might be sharing if you are sharing your compartment.

  3. You can easily charge a phone with the shaver socket. That was no problem at all.

  4. I could charge my Toshiba Chromebook, but only when closed.  It is, to be fair, a pretty low current charger.  A big laptop charger probably wouldn’t work.

  5. You'll need a US or Euro 2 pin 

You can find more gutsy UK 240V 3 pin sockets in the Lounge car.  There are a bunch of people wanting to use them, so you may have to wait.

Note that there is no WiFi on the train, and you’ll spend a good amount of time without any 3G on the northern parts of the trip.  But the views!