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Why "All these things"?

I'm not just naming a collection here, I'm making a statement about all the things.

I was travelling and thinking and writing a bit last year and ended up thinking a lot about Animism (we visited Bali, Japan, Australia).  For years I've been wondering about urban, modern versions of animism and paganism -- where the gods are the things around us, or the gods animate the things, or some such.  At that time, and still in my thoughts, things are animated and more alive than I've ever considered them before.

I was also thinking about how human-centric everything seems.  The incessant humans babbling about themselves.  Even reviewing Buddhism I keep finding that there are humans everywhere, in everything.  Well not absolutely always.  An awful lot of the time.  The assumption that the human experience was the most important thing was starting to pale for me.

So what of non-human-centric spirituality?  I think for a bit and come up with something like: 

Here is my new religion.  It has one rule.  Respect all the things.  

It sounds flippant at first glance.  However, it seems practical and liveable as a philosophy and ethic.  I'll write more about this later.