About Me

Hi, I'm Graeme.  People tend to call me Grae, and I like that.   

I'm a developer, a scrum master, a team leader, a group facilitator.  I've co-founded a bunch of startups over the years.  I started out playing with computers at high school, went into communications engineering, designed and built PC hardware.  I've spent a lot of years in planning, supporting and making software, managing development, management consulting, group facilitation and more recently agile leadership and facilitation.

As I said, along the way I've co-founded a bunch of startups -- across tourism & photography, childcare, building automation and media recommendations.  Some successes in there and a lot of learning.  These days I'm co-founder of  Mettaeggs.com - a unique, heartfelt social gift that is all about spreading loving connection between people.

In my current day to day role at the moment, I'm wearing many hats:  tech lead, scrum master and full-stack developer.   We're test driven and very devops - and I spend a lot of time working on automation and working around infrastructure problems that we find automation tends to highlight.

You'll see from the posts here where my philosophies are: Code is poetry, and I mean that in a practical way.  Software engineering is more a craft than an art.   Quality matters and we can prove that with testing. Happy, motivated, people with agency do great work.  Motivation is made of meaning and narrative. The story of building something is so important.  Reflective practice makes improvement.

As a developer, Python speaks to me: it feels like a sensible expression of incredible power.  I spend a fair amount of time in JavaScript with AngularJS and JQuery.

I'm Australian by birth.  I'm permanently based in Brighton in the UK with my wife and daughter.

About this site

I've had a lot of different small and varied blogs over the years.  This is really a fairly simple place to put the longer thoughts and ideas that don't fit in a tweet.  Over time I'm writing more and more, talking more and more, so there's a bit more material available for this blog. It will be interesting to see how much and often I publish here.

Posthaven is a real attempt to get to a blog with very little configuration. I do want this to be about the words and not the look.   The MVP has to be pleasantly readable.  And then I can leave it like that.

As is the way, I'll promote posts on twitter and cross post on Medium a bit I suspect over time.

More is explained in Starting again and Why "All these things"?